Paul Cortese and sustainability

Buying Paul Cortese products and, above all, shopping online means choosing advantages for yourself and the environment.

We protect the forests
Every Paul Cortese bracelet consists for 98% of wood and all the wood comes from Sustainable Management Forests, in respect of the PEFC/FCS protocols. Moreover, the wood used is obtained from processing scraps, so as to optimize the use of the resource and limit waste to a minimum.

Nickel free
The closures and metal parts on Paul Cortese bracelets are all nickel free.

Eco sustainability
The materials used are, as much as possible, recoverable and recyclable: being eco sustainable is the only way to a better future.

No car
To purchase online you need a computer, tablet or Smartphone, but not a car. You don’t need to get petrol, fid a car park and get back before your paid-for-parking expires. You can access the site at any time and you can choose the best purchase to make in total comfort.

Shared transport
The goods purchased online are delivered by sharing the service with other customers, thus reducing pollutants and speeding up the delivery.

Logistics optimisation
The warehouse logistics flow follows our customers’ requirements. The products are directly delivered after the order.

Electronic communications
To reduce the use of paper, Paul Cortese uses emails. Please do not print the emails you receive, just save them.